Oregon Tanning Test - Certified tanning knowledge for the tanning industry staff

The #1 Professional Tanning Certification In Oregon

Get certified and increase your knowledge and worth in your industry.

  • Complete Downloadable Study Guides
  • Oregon State Certified Testing
  • Online Testing
  • Retake Unlimited Times
  • Custom Certificate For Passing
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The Benefits Of Certification...

More Knowledge

Having an in-depth knowledge of your tanning equipment will not only ensure that your customers are safe but that they also get the best possible tan every visit.

More Sales

With your new expert knowledge, you will easily increase your confidence when recommending services. This increase will result in greater sales volume for you the individual and for the store.

More Satisfaction

Most important is that your customers will feel as if you are the best authority in the industry for getting a great tan, resulting in more positive reviews and referrals.

Increase Your Knowledge, Skills, And Product Sales!